This school teacher and Buffalo Grove, IL homeowner may have a few “teachers’ pets”, but when mice invaded her home and a skunk decided to befriend her by living under her bay window, she was referred to us by a rodent extermination company!

Mice Hunters was on the scene for this home mice sealing job. Unfortunately, the homeowner had a skunk living under her bay window. It was able to breach small areas in between the window and cement. With the skunk, came the wonderful aroma of … itself!  Plus it was leaving behind feces, which nobody likes.

In addition to the skunk, there were mice living in the home. Before it got cold outside, and even more mice entered the home, we were able to seal the home and keep these malicious little mice out of her home.

Satisfying Mice Sealing

Go inside this mouse-proofing job with us and learn just how we make the rodent sealing magic happen!

This mice-proofing job was slightly different as the process to mouse-proof the home was more extreme than normal.  With the bay window and cement coming together so tightly, there was no good way to seal the rodents out from getting into the owner’s home, without removing some of the pavement.  Once the pavement was removed with dug a wire meshing fence to keep the animals and mice from being able to dig under the earth, and once again, gain access to this home.  Once complete, this homeowner will have a nice new area for flowers and a 12 Month Rodent Free Guarantee.

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