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We love our customers! Really! We do! Our passion is two fold, we love to help our customers live in a home that they can love! No one likes to open a silverware drawer and see mice droppings left behind or hear sound in the wall! Second, we love to work on homes and just love to see the satisfaction that our customers have!

If you have rodents in and around your home, give us a call! It’ll be the last day you have rodents in your home!


{We used Mice Hunters due to a bat issue we had in our attic. Our technicians were Jason, Cody, and Zach (according to the receipt). They were able to find the location where the bats were getting into the house and put a device on so they would not be able to re-enter after leaving. They also sealed other spots of concern to help prevent future problems. And to top it off, their prices were much more reasonable than other quotes we received.
Scott B.
Home Owner
{Mice hunters will add flashing all around the house to prevent mice from entering the house. No more dealing with mice issues again. So far, so good.
Greg Weber
Home Owner
{We have experienced rodent problems almost every onset of the winter season. Other exterminators have seemed to have done the job only to have another "invasion". Mice Hunters have secured every possible entry point mice can enter my house, including exterior light fixtures! To date, we have not had any mice in our house and would therefore suggest others contact Mice Hunters.
Olivia Greco
Home Owner