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We love our customers! Really! We do! Our passion is two fold, we love to help our customers live in a home that they can love! No one likes to open a silverware drawer and see mice droppings left behind or hear sound in the wall! Second, we love to work on homes and just love to see the satisfaction that our customers have!

If you have rodents in and around your home, give us a call! It’ll be the last day you have rodents in your home!


{Mice Hunters identified the (mouse) issues. They were prompt and very professional. They communicated every step of the way. Highly recommend!
Larry Obermeyer
Home Owner
{Professional, thorough, and friendly service was provided throughout the work. Jason gave me an estimate for the work and saved me money by telling me I didn't need more mice bait in my attic after I committed to it because another business had done it recently. How frequently do people tell the truth and save you money? Cody and Bruce sealed the house to avoid mice infestations and explained the process to me. They cleaned up and asked how I wanted the mulch/dirt returned to the house's planters. Attention to detail! I hope this mouse problem is solved. I hated my many restless evenings from clawing sounds above me!
Stephen B.
Home Owner
{They were great. Very friendly and professional Service: Rodent removal
Vadri V.
Home Owner