Mouse Proofing Video Transcript & Images

Mice can squeeze through incredibly small holes in your home!

Did you know that mice are incredibly skilled at squeezing through tiny spaces? In fact, they can fit through holes the size of a dime and could chew right through your siding. Mice often find shelter in a path into your home through your meter boxes. This mouse was nesting and eventually got fried in this meter box.

How to identify mouse trails

These mice were climbing this pole to the attic. Mice will leave rub marks from their bodies where they travel to and from. Attic insulation is a mouse favorite for warmth, nesting and defecating.
Mice only need holes the size of a dime to enter your home!

Keeping mice away from your home

Mice love, vegetation and vines like these. The problem with this home was that the vines were going in between the siding and the foundation, which opens up travel paths for mice directly into the home. Make sure you remove and keep vegetation away from the siding of your home.
mice love vegetation

Sealing up power and AC lines for mice

Power and AC lines are one of the most common places mice will enter your home. When sealing up these holes, we use quarter-inch wire mesh and caulking. If you need to keep mouse out permanently, find A mouse-proofing professional that seals up your home from the outside and not one that just places poison in your home quarterly (rodent control).

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