At Mice Hunters Inc., we understand the frustration and discomfort caused by unwanted guests, particularly those of the rodent variety. Mice, known for their ability to enter through the smallest openings, can make your home their sanctuary without your consent. Our mouse-proofing process is designed to reclaim your space, ensuring it is secure against these persistent pests.

The Entry of Mice: A Sneaky Infiltration

Mice typically find their way into homes through gaps and holes found in home siding, utilities, and other unsealed areas. These entry points can be surprisingly small, but sufficient for mice to squeeze through. Homes with cedar or hardie board siding, in particular, are vulnerable at the points where siding meets the foundation.

Here are some of the areas mice love to explore:

  • Mice can squeeze there bodies in between your foundation and siding. If you look closely, you can see where this homeowner had mice entering in this location.
  • Utilities are a mouse fan favorite for entering your home. Mice will often get behind your utility box or go in through holes around cable lines or air conditioner units.
  • Aside from mice, you never want to pile wood chips past your siding, especially if you have wood siding. Wood siding can often begin to rot where water accumulates. Also, wood siding is susceptible to termites. Piling up wood chips along your wood siding is simply inviting the termites to visit your home!

Our Thorough Mouse-Proofing Process

Our comprehensive approach to mouse-proofing involves several critical steps aimed at eliminating any potential entry points for mice:

Securing the Foundation:

We seal the gaps between cedar siding and hardie board siding to the foundation using custom-bent, quarter-inch galvanized wire mesh. This mesh is durable and specifically designed to prevent rodents from chewing through.

Reinforcing Utility Entries:

All utilities entering the home are reinforced. We meticulously seal around all vents and utility points with the same robust quarter-inch galvanized wire mesh to deter entry.

Caulking and Sealing:

We use clear OSI caulk —a strong sealant known for its durability but may emit an odor and takes up to 72 hours to cure—to seal gaps larger than a quarter inch. Smaller gaps are directly caulked to ensure a tight seal. Specific areas of focus include:

  • Brick to fascia connections
  • Around window and door frames
  • Chimney surroundings
  • The base of the stoop
  • Where aluminum trim meets concrete
  • Garage utilities
  • Roof soffits
  • Roof junctions

Additional Protective Measures:

We remove any poorly applied or aging foam sealants, such as “great stuff” foam, and replace them with more effective and lasting solutions. The garage walls touching the interior walls of the house are also sealed to prevent any passageways for mice.

Comprehensive Site Preparation:

To ensure that no area is left unprotected, we might remove deck boards or dig out areas to access hard-to-reach spots. Our technicians are trained to place ladders safely against gutters and check every line, sealing all inner and outer corners of the home.

Customer Satisfaction: A Testimony to Our Effectiveness

Our commitment to excellence is echoed in the feedback we receive from our clients. R. Zaytsev, a recent customer, shared their experience with our service:

Deerfield Mice Hunters Review

“Absolutely wonderful company! Very thorough, explained every single thing they were doing, incredibly helpful. After the very first day they came and set up, we stopped seeing mouse activity. Can’t recommend them enough!”

Post-Service Assurance

We apply rigorous standards to our sealing process, but please note that the OSI sealant used may leave an odor and requires up to 72 hours to fully cure. There is also a two-week cooling-off period post-application. During this time, it’s normal to notice some residual mouse activity as the existing population finds its way out. Should you observe any activity after this period, we encourage you to contact us at 847-499-1008 for further assistance.

Why Choose Mice Hunters Inc.?

Choosing Mice Hunters Inc. means opting for peace of mind. Our detailed approach not only focuses on immediate relief from rodent intrusion but also ensures long-term prevention. Our methods are thorough, backed by experienced technicians, and focused on providing a safe, secure environment for your family. We’re that company that other company’s refer their clients to when they can’t get the job done. No joke.

Don’t let mice turn your home into their playground. Call us today, and let’s make your home mouse-proof, for your peace of mind and their permanent relocation.