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Mice Hunters serves the greater Chicagoland area with our rodent proofing and exclusion services.

Chicago’s Best Mouse Extermination & Removal Service

Our mouse, rat and bat control specialists are available to take care of all your rodent removal and control problems. One of our certified experts can pinpoint your problem and provide you with a solution that will meet your family’s needs.

For Chicago’s mouse control, removal or extermination, contact Mice Hunters. Chicago best mouse removal company, check out our reviews!  Our professionals are knowledgeable and provide great customer service. Call today and see why we are the top choice of Chicagoland homeowners.

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Different Than Most

We are different than other “rodent exterminator” services as we specialize specifically in rats, bats and mice. Because of this we have become known as the best rodent proofing solutions company in the Chicago area.

Mice Hunters 2 Year Rodent Free Guarantee

2 Year Rodent Free Guarantee

Yes, when we come to provide service, we also guarantee our work for 24-Months. If you see or hear another rodent in your home, call us back and we’ll return free of charge to assure the rodents are gone 100%. Some exceptions do apply (townhomes & condos).