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Please note that we do not service individual condos, townhomes or duplexes.


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Rodent Proofing FAQs
Why would we choose Mice Hunters vs a normal Exterminator?

Although we do use baits in the first step of our process, we then seal the home from top to bottom to permanently shut the door to rodents entering your home.When we’ve done our job, you’ll never see us again.  No more mouse traps, glue boards etc.  If you want to get rid of mice forever, our mouse-proofing services will solve the problem.  You then have a 12-Month Rodent Free Guarantee.  You should never need to use a rodent extermination service ever again!

What does rodent-proofing a home cost?

Rodent-proofing a home does cost more upfront than a mouse exterminator.

  • Mouse exterminator costs  $600- $1200 per year
  • Mouse proofing service costs $1200 – $2500 – one time
Why is mouse-proofing my home more expensive?
  • Mouse proofing actually addresses construction flaws in your home that allow mice to enter your home.
  • Our average mouse-proofing technician has 4 years on the job and training generally lasts 6 months long.
  • Each mouse-proofing job normally requires two technicians, ladders, tools, materials and time.
  • We guarantee our work. If mice return within the first year, we return for free.

23 Years & Counting!

 For the past 23 years, we’ve seen all kinds of ratty situations! No matter what, we’ll be there to help. We do our job so well that we feel confident enough to give all of our customers a24-month guarantee – minus a few weird exceptions, of course!

Why Choose Us?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

mice hunters 12 month rodent removal warranty chicago

24 Month Guarantee

Professional Rodent Removal & Proofing

licensed rodent removal

2 Year Warranty Included

satisfaction guaranteed

Over 24 Years of Experience

licensed rodent removal service

Qualified & Licensed

Our Reviews

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Mice Hunters Google Reviews

Yes, the Mice Hunters reviews are real!  1 in 4 of our customers are also referrals!  See for yourself!

{I was more than pleased, from the salesman who first came out to the wonderful guys that came out to do the work… amazing. I had the clean out and mice prevention and removal. Haven’t seen a mouse not even in the garage, Thank you, Thank you! Thank you!
Rosann Santi
{Professional and personable. They worked diligently and explained everything thoroughly. I appreciate that they stand by their work and will make sure my property stays rodent free.
Vincent Giuliano
{Nobody wants the stress of a mice infestation. Mice Hunters guarantees complete removal, unlike other companies that just set traps. Jason understands the stress mice cause and is patient and empathetic. He clearly explained their process, so I chose their service and am very pleased. Bruce and Cody meticulously sealed the perimeter of my house and rechecked their work. It’s been three weeks with no mice, and I can sleep peacefully again. If you need to get rid of mice, call Mice Hunters. Their annual inspection service is reasonably priced and worth every penny for peace of mind. Thanks to the Mice Hunters team for excellent service!
Lana Goldberg
{If you have an issue with mice, don’t bother calling anyone else out to help you. They were so nice and helpful and were extremely responsive. They sealed up the entire exterior of our house, even going as far as pulling up boards on my deck to make sure the entire perimeter was sealed and they put them back before leaving. They were so thorough. And to top it off, every single technician who came out had a phenomenal sense of humor that I thoroughly appreciated.
Janine S.
{Excellent customer service and persistent service to our home that guarantees to solve the root of the problem. We have spent money on other companies which were patchwork, never solving the issue. I highly recommend Mice Hunters as your first option.
Jim Kaemerer
{I am extremely happy with the very professional service we received, from the very professional and thorough estimator to the great crew that was at our home, So far, after one month of service, there have been no mice. I would highly recommend Mice Hunters, Inc. to anyone in need of their professional services.
Dean Knox
{I had a wonderful experience with Mice Hunters. They sealed my entire home so that none of the furry guys get in. I am so relieved. I was nervous every time I had to go into the basement! Now, I no longer have to worry. If you have any worries about mice, this is the company to use. I have used other pest control services that left traps and other things , but no one figured out where they were coming in from-The Mice Hunters solved that problem. Their guys who worked at my home were extremely professional and cleaned up impeccably. I just had my first check and no sign of any mice! Thank goodness.
Julie Pluss
{Bobby, Zachary and the rest of the team did a great job at my residence. So far highly satisfied with the results and would recommend Mice Hunters to anyone! Thanks again.
B More
{I would absolutely recommend Mice Hunters to anyone experiencing a pest problem! Jason and his team were amazing and very knowledgeable. They worked with us every step of the way to provide us with the best long-term solution, which included sealing the entire exterior of the house including under the deck, as well as replacing all of the contaminated insulation in our basement. They were very responsive to all of our questions. The team was very upfront about costs for every option, small to large, and worked with us to find a solution that would solve the problem and fit our budget. They performed all of the work very timely, were thorough, and made sure everything was left extremely cleaned up. If we ever have another problem (hopefully not!) they will be the first ones we call, but for now we have much more peace of mind that our family can enjoy the space without continued mice.
Bob Hunter
{We are so pleased with our service from Mice Hunters. We went about 6 years without a mouse in the house after our initial treatment, and then when we did see one, Mice Hunters were out within a few days to do a complete inspection and plug up the spot that it came in through. Great people and great service!
JoAnn Whalen
{I met Jason first; he was awesome. Very friendly and knowledgeable. They squeezed me into their busy schedule, which I’m appreciative of. I met Cody and Bruce next, and they were just as friendly and explained to me everything they were doing and why. Cody and Bruce also removed a dead animal for me when they could have just left. Both great guys were working hard. From now on, when people mention their mouse issues, I’ll be referring them to Mice Hunters. Thank you for everything!
Bryan K.
{Great group of guys to work with. Their friendly and courteous behavior really impacted the experience. Very professional and efficient. I was impressed with their attention to detail. They left the jobsite clean which was very important to me.
Daniel Martino
{The Mice Hunters team was amazing every step of the way and will be amazing in the future because of their awesome warranty! You will be taken care of now and in the future with Mice Hunters!!!!!
Quentin Satterwhite
{Our house is next to a vacant house infested by rodents. When the neighbors decided to tear it down, pests migrated to our basement, hiding in the crawlspace. Regular pest control couldn’t eradicate the problem. Then came the Mice Hunters. It’s been several months since we got our house sealed by Mice Hunters and we didn’t notice any new activity. It seems a lot of money to pay at once, but in the long run, better than paying a monthly or quarterly fee to a company that won’t solve the cause of rodent infestation.
{Jason, Bobby and Zach were so great to work with. They were extremely friendly and did a great job walking me through the many ways they sealed up my house to prevent mice from entering.
Becky H
{I spent more than half a day searching online reviews and checking Better Business Bureau before I settled on seeking help from Mice Hunters Inc. I did not want a company who was a “Jack of all trades.” I wanted a master at mice extermination and prevention. Mice Hunters did a thorough inspection. Bobby and Zachary did a great job sealing up our house to prevent further invasion. Moreover, the company provides a 2 year guarantee.
Judy Maron
{Mice Hunters identified the (mouse) issues. They were prompt and very professional. They communicated every step of the way. Highly recommend!
Larry Obermeyer
{Professional, thorough, and friendly service was provided throughout the work. Jason gave me an estimate for the work and saved me money by telling me I didn't need more mice bait in my attic after I committed to it because another business had done it recently. How frequently do people tell the truth and save you money? Cody and Bruce sealed the house to avoid mice infestations and explained the process to me. They cleaned up and asked how I wanted the mulch/dirt returned to the house's planters. Attention to detail! I hope this mouse problem is solved. I hated my many restless evenings from clawing sounds above me!
Stephen B.
{They were great. Very friendly and professional Service: Rodent removal
Vadri V.
{Mice Hunters was very effective and timely in diagnosing our (mouse) problem. He scheduled our rodent proofing appointment in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them!
Pamela M.