In the face of suburban wildlife challenges, rodent proofing and deck sealing are critical to maintaining the tranquility of your home. Today, we’re exploring the innovative animal exclusion strategies provided by Mice Hunters, specialists in home rodent prevention.

7 Step Process – Installing an Animal Barrier Around a Deck

In this video we walk you through the seven-step process for installing an animal barrier to protect a deck and home from rodents, specifically detailing the methods used by Mice Hunters. Here are the steps to keep rodents and animals out from under your deck and out of your life forever!

Step 1: Removal of Old Lattice Work

First up, we rip out the old lattice around your deck. It’s probably as effective as a screen door on a submarine when it comes to keeping out rodents and animals. If you have animals under your deck, chances are they’ve chewed your current lattice. Let’s get rid of that, shall we?

Step 2: Dig a Trench for the Animal Barrier

We dig a trench that allows us to bury our animal trench down 12″ inches down. The mesh is fashioned in the shape of a “J”. This assures that the animals can dig down, but never around the underground animal barrier.

Step 3: Installation of a Dual-Layered Wire Mesh Barrier

Mice Hunters install a robust barrier consisting of two layers of galvanized wire mesh, one with half-inch openings and the other with quarter-inch openings. This barrier is designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, remaining hidden from view. As a preventative measure, the wire mesh barrier is extended and buried twelve inches deep into the ground. This step is designed to thwart even the most persistent burrowers from digging their way into the area.

Step 4: Sealing the Barrier Around the Deck

It’s not just about replacing the lattice but also ensuring that it is sealed perfectly around the deck. This step is crucial to prevent animals like possums and mice from re-entering their old habitats beneath the deck and, importantly, getting inside the home.

Step 5: Securing Potential Entry Points in the House’s Infrastructure

Mice Hunters conducts a thorough inspection of the house to identify and secure potential entry points for pests, such as utility cutouts or obsolete vents.

Step 6: Installation of New Lattice

After the security measures are in place, the new lattice is installed. This step is not only for visual appeal but also signifies enhanced security and assurance against rodent intrusion.

Step 7: Guaranteeing a 100% Rodent Free Environment

Mice Hunters offers a guarantee that their methods will ensure the home and its surroundings remain free from rodents, providing peace of mind to the homeowners.

These steps combine to create a comprehensive solution for rodent-proofing a deck and home, emphasizing both functionality and aesthetics.

Innovative Deck Sealing and Animal Exclusion

Pest control starts from the ground up, and securing the space beneath your deck is a key line of defense. With issues like possums beneath decks and woodpeckers damaging sidings, it’s vital to implement effective rodent removal services.

The Mice Hunters Approach to Wildlife Prevention

Cody, representing the experienced team at Mice Hunters, walks us through their comprehensive process. Starting with the old lattice, the team moves to a crucial step: galvanized wire mesh installation. This deters rodents and wildlife from making their home under decks.  In the case of this home, it will also keep mice out from under the deck.

Ensuring a Rodent Free Environment

The commitment to a rodent free guarantee is at the heart of Mice Hunters’ service. By sealing potential entry points and installing and burying 1/2″ and 1/4″ wire mesh, they ensure a permanent solution to pest problems.

FAQ for Rodent Proofing and Animal Exclusion

Q: What is the best method for preventing rodents from entering under a deck?
A: The most effective method is installing a dual-layered galvanized wire mesh barrier around and beneath the deck, which Mice Hunters specializes in.

Q: How does Mice Hunters ensure that the wire mesh remains unseen?
A: Mice Hunters installs the wire mesh behind new deck lattice, keeping it hidden while providing a secure barrier against rodents.

Q: Is there a permanent solution to rodent intrusions?
A: Yes, Mice Hunters offers a 100% Rodent Free Guarantee, ensuring that once their system is in place, you won’t have to deal with rodents again.

Q: How can I contact Mice Hunters for my home?
A: You can secure your home against wildlife intrusions by visiting and scheduling a consultation.