Picture this: a serene, peaceful church, where the only sounds should be the choir singing and the kids laughing in the daycare center. But nope! We’ve got bats. Yup, bats. These nocturnal ninjas have found their way into every nook and cranny, where the brick meets the fascia and soffit. And trust me, folks, bats and babies don’t mix. Safety first, people!

Bats in the Church!

Now, Teaford and the Mice Hunters team aren’t just your average pest control posse. Nah, these guys are like the Avengers of rodent and critter control, and today, they’re suiting up for a mission that goes from ground level to the steeple – yep, the tippy-top of that holy haven. We’re talking high-altitude heroics with a 60-foot JLG boom, tackling these batty intruders right where they love to sneak in.


Bat Excluder Installation

But hold on, it gets better. We’re not just sealing up holes like we’re patching up some drywall. Nope, we’re all about coexistence here. Teaford and the team are installing bat excluders. That’s right, – these handy little gadgets let the bats leave peacefully but block them from getting back in. It’s like a one-way ticket out of the church and into the wild, where they belong.

bat poop in the church

Now, if you think that’s easy, let me paint you a picture of today’s conditions. Imagine the hottest day of the year. We’re talking a sizzling 107°F with enough humidity to make you feel like you’re swimming in the air. But does that stop our dedicated crew? Not a chance. They’re out there, sweat dripping, determination shining, ready to restore peace to this sacred space.


Seeling the Church from Bats

bats in church steeple

The bats were entering the church steeple between the brick and siding and making their home inside the church.

So, stay with us as we navigate this bat-tastic operation. We’re on a mission to make sure the Lake Geneva United Methodist Church stays a sanctuary for its human flock, free from the fluttering wings of our nocturnal friends. It’s more than just pest control, folks – it’s about preserving the sanctity and safety of a community cornerstone.

bat poop is seen here on the floor of the church steeple

Bat poop is seen here on the floor of the church steeple. After the removal of the bats, the church is then cleaned up of all church feces.

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Stay safe, stay bat-free!