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Stories of Rodent Proof Success

We chronicle some of the wildest stories of these rodents and the carnage they can do to a family and home.

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Mice Hunters Shows Up, This Mouse Gets Scared! (Video)

Mice are creatures that are hard to actually see with your own two eyes as they hide in dark places, make noise and leave little nuggets of their love all over the place (mouse poop).  However, we were on the scene where one little mouse was stuck between a rock and a...

Mouse Caught on Camera! Grinned and then Mooned Us!

There are some things that are almost too good to be true, this is one of those instances. Mice and rats are normally out of sight, but not out of mind. We arrived on the scene of this house, only to find this rat standing ready for his photoshoot! This Mouse Smiled...

Under and Up! These Mice Found this Home’s Weakness

Mice are very creative creatures and they'll find any opening into your home and exploit it!  These mice found openings where it's difficult to spot.  They went under the siding of this building and into the home, but they're not fooling Mice Hunters at all! When mice...

Little Mice, Too Much Poo! Mice will ruin your insulation!

We arrived on the scene of this home in Glencoe, Il where the homeowner had just purchased the home and knew that he already had a mouse problem during the home inspection. The inspector noted a little mouse infestation, but what we found would blow your mind! These...

Mice Proofing Takes Us to the Roof!

When mice are looking for a nice warm home, if you give them the opening, they'll take it.  If you have mice in your home, they can attack in many ways.  Take a look at our inspection process that takes us from the top to the bottom of this Chicagoland home! When we...

These Mice Prove Why They Could Survive A Nuclear Bomb!

Mice are creatures that have a real knack for survival, They'll find their way into your home, If they haven't already, by any means necessary.  These mice invaded our customer's home through the garage, but it's what allowed them in through the garage that is quite a...

The Mice Are Gone – Halleluiah! Now I Can Sell My Home

When Denise wanted to sell her home, those pesky mice became a much bigger problem than they ever were. Selling a home with a mice infestation problem makes for a difficult proposition! But Denise had a solution to her mouse problem. Here's what Denise had to say...

Major Rat Issues! Invasion of this Chicago Multi-unit

When it comes to rats, 99% of people have nightmares and the Chicago residents living in this home were no different when it was invaded by Norway rats. The country, Norway, maybe nice, but these rats are NOT! These Norway rats decided that once the weather turned...

Our Mantra

Photo Evidence

Before & After

Rodents will find just about any opening they can to squeeze themselves into your home or building.

We find all kinds of crazy things when we arrive on the scene to rodent proof buildings. We hope you enjoy our before and after photos!

Photo Evidence

Before & After

Rodents will find just about any opening they can to squeeze themselves into your home or building. We find all kinds of crazy things when we arrive on the scene to rodent proof buildings. We hope you enjoy our before and after photos!

Customer Letters


{Exterminated the mice and sealed the outside of my home. First the mice were poisoned and most left the house to die. Two weeks later the house was sealed on the outside so mice could no longer enter.
Mike B.
Chicago, IL
{This was for a rental and my renter was complaining about hearing mice. Mice Hunters did an excellent job in communicating with my tenant and then explaining the mouse proofing process and on the day did an excellent job!
Wayne E.
River Woods, IL
{Inspect for mice... review interior for points of entry and activity. reviewed all. dropped bait. very professional and informative.
Todd J.
Glenview, IL
{Something was making chewing noises in the attic and then I noticed mice droppings in my kitchen... specifically in my kitchen drawers. The morning I intended to call Mice Hunters Inc, I found the little pest in my garbage can looking at me. Mice Hunter was in my house the next day getting rid of my problem. I opted to have the rodents removed and haven't seen or heard any since. Extremely pleased. Checked areas of the house to see where mice were getting in and if any damage was done. Explained options and prices then placed bait packets.
Elliot C.
Bannockburn, IL
{It has been awesome so far, no mice since we have gotten the Mice Mitigation system. They came out, gave a quote and explained what would happen during the install and their warranty. They came out, it took half the day, but they took care of our house, from the roof to the ground and we could not be happier about it. We did our research before hiring them, this company is the only one with no complaints and they are the real deal!
Bruno A.
Kenilworth, IL
{One individual first inspected the house and laid some bait to induce mice to leave. Then, a few weeks later and over the course of two days, a team of three people did a thorough inspection and sealing of the house from top to bottom, as well as a very much needed cleaning of a crawlspace where mice were present. This also included removing old and installing new insulation along the upper part of the crawl space walls. Unlike many exterminator firms that leave some mice traps around but don't deal with mice entering the home, this firm seeks to not only eliminate any mice from the home but prevent their re-entry as well, and includes a one-year guarantee. I think the value received for the amount of work done was very fair. I highly recommend them.
Arthur T.
Deerfield, IL
{Mice are gone. Expensive, but at least there is a long guarantee. I hope I never need them again.
Isaak C.
River Woods, IL
{Tee was prompt, very polite, professional and accommodating, as well as, respectful of my home. He even extended the guaranty to the new buyers, so that any issues may be addressed if necessary. I Will keep his information should I ever need such services again. Selling my house and wanted to make sure it was rodent-free for the buyers, as the house has been empty.
Zane S.
Highland Park, IL
{The Inspection was complete, and the inspector Tee was very thorough and gave me a very complete explanation of the service and the traps he had placed to eliminate the mice. He also provided me a quote for a more thorough treatment providing a more permanent solution which my wife and I are discussing. Overall I was very pleased with the promptness, courteousness and thoroughness of this service and will contemplate using them in the future.
Susanna A.
Northfield, IL
{Mice Hunters were fast, professional and friendly. We needed to get rid of mice in the garage
Alexander R.
Northbrook, IL