There’s a fallacy that is too well believed by homeowners:  If we lay poisons or traps and then make sure our house is clean, the mice will leave.  This is far from the truth!  If mice find a way into your home, you are providing shelter for them.  What most homeowners have difficulty understanding is that a home can have so mouse entry points, that they will never keep mice out unless they seal their entire home.  Installing custom-bent galvanized sheet metal is our absolute best and most preferred way to seal mice out of our customer’s homes.  Let’s get into it!

Many customers ask us how to seal mouse entry points. In this video, you can clearly see what we are looking to seal on a customer’s home around the foundation.  Most homes that have siding, have a large gap in between the siding and foundation that allows mice to work their way into the walls of the home.

Mice Enter Gaps in Home Siding

Home siding is very easy for mice to squeeze in between. From here, mice will probe your home’s foundation and walls for entry points.
mouse entry points along house siding and foundation

Mice Enter Home Through Garage

Mice often find entry into garages through construction flaws. This is very obvious in this image! Although mice may not get into your home from here, they are often a nuisance once in your garage. They leave poop everywhere and will get into items left in your garage. Once in your garage, a fan favorite for them to gain entry into your home often occurs under or around your garage steps. Builders don’t often put much quality into this area. Many times, builders will leave gaping holes around the garage steps that lead directly into a home’s basement or crawl space. Then a homeowner will have mice in their basement. It’s very common!
mouse entry points in garage.

Mice Entry Points Behind Meter Box

Meter boxes are one of the leading sources for mouse entry into homes, as they are built with a baseball sized hole that allows power cables to enter your home. These meter boxes, left unsealed, are always an issue in most homes. Mice Hunters have even seen squirrels attempt to enter a home through this entry point.
Meter box mouse entry points

Mice Enter Home Siding Corners

The corners on home siding are wide open on this house, making it too easy for the mice to enter the home.
Mice entry through home siding corners

Custom Bent Sheet Metal for Home Mouse Proofing

Utilizing a metal brake and special tools, Mice Hunters fabricates custom bent galvanized sheet metal that seals the siding to foundation. This effectively eliminates any openings that the mice would explore to gain entry into a home between the siding and foundation. We often see home owners that will seal off their meter box, but not their siding to foundation. What happens is that the mice simply go behind the siding and go around the now sealed meter box sides and enter through the back of the meter box. This explains the necessity to seal the siding to the foundation along with the siding corners.
Galvanized sheet metal bent at a 55 degree angle for mouse proofing.

Attaching Sheet Metal To the Home for Mouse Proofing

Galvanized sheet metal is installed on the home to seal the mice out from entering using Mice Hunter’s custom bent galvanized sheet metal. The sheet metal is bent at about 55 degrees and then screwed into the bottom of the siding and fixed to the foundation with OSI caulking. This process can only be completed in dry weather as caulking doesn’t adhere to wet surfaces.
Eliminate mouse entry points - Sheet metal installation
Eliminate mouse entry points - Sheet metal installation

Although our video is short, it shows how we assure that the siding is secured by installing custom-bent galvanized sheet metal to the siding and foundation of the home. This is one part in sealing a home from mice and rodents and is first choice to absolutely assure no mice return.