Mice are creatures that have a real knack for survival, They’ll find their way into your home, If they haven’t already, by any means necessary.  These mice invaded our customer’s home through the garage, but it’s what allowed them in through the garage that is quite a cause for concern, for any homeowner!

We arrived at this home to find that the garage was the weakness that these mice explored to wreak havoc on this Chicagoland homeowner.  We buy homes thinking that they are a great shelter against all weather, but we don’t often think about our homes being a shelter against rodents!  So we do whatever it takes to seal off our customer’s homes against mice and rodents and give a 12-month Rodent Free Guarantee!

Mice Attack Through the Garage

Before & After

Mouse Proofing Work Steps

When you get mice in your home, they often exploit vulnerabilities in the home, foundation, walls, roof and attic.  These mice came through the garage.  As this customer's home aged, the garage foundation began to shift.  Over time there became an opening wide enough for these mice to strike deep inside the home

If you have a hole, even the size of a dime, the mice will find their way into your home!

If you are in the same situation as this customer was, we’re sure that you know by now that simply laying traps on the ground will never rid your home of mice.  You have to have your home completely sealed up to stop them dead in their tracks!  If you are a DIY’er, the internet is riddled with solutions that just don’t work in the end.  If you are looking for a reputable company to seal your home from rodents, make sure that they have a 12-month Rodent Free Guarantee [ Shameless Plug 🙂 ] like we do!