Sometimes when we come out to inspect a home for rodents, we end up finding more than what we were expecting. This “rodent proofing” job ending up taking us all the way to the top of the roof to seal off entryways where these critters were making their way into the attic. Do you see what we see?

Check out this before and after sealing the roof! Slide from left to right to see the before & after!

If you look close, you can see bird feathers in the crevices of this customers’ roof. We had Jason get up there, remove birds from attic and seal this roof from any more animals that would want to make a home in the attic. Good thing Jason’s tall (6’5″).  The story with this home is one that we hear all of the time!  This young couple purchased the home despite the evidence of mice found in the pre-purchase home inspection.  They weren’t too worried, however, after moving in the mice, too, decided to continue to move in.  They started to invade the kitchen.  That’s when the “mice hit the fan”.  They called quite a few different exterminators, but none quite do the job that we do.  Cause we’ve got friends… in tall places! Yes, we do seal roofs where many rodent extermination companies in Chicago do not!

Mice Extermination and Proofing on Roofs

As you can see from the photos, there was extensive work that needed to be done on the roof of this house.  Mice and all kinds of animals can enter a home through the roof and make their way into a nice little living situation.  We find all kinds of animals in the attics of people’s homes!

Mice Exterminator Chicago - We rodent proof roofs!

Yes, you are correct. It can be dangerous to go up on a roof when mice proofing, however, we do take all safety precautions when sealing and proofing mice from your home.

Mice Extermination

Here you can see Jason showing the before and after work that was completed. If you look closely you will see feathers inside that hole. Mice and rats are known to access entry points in the roof that will lead to your home. Have you ever heard mice in your ceilings? Yes, it’s errry!

If you have unwanted guests, rodents, rats, bats or mice in your roof, we’ll rise to the occasion, no matter how high we have to go! Give us a call to rodent-proof your home today!