If it’s cold outside and the mice are scrambling into your home, you may step on them in the night while walking barefoot, like this Chicago homeowner!

It was a cold and muddy February day when Mice Hunters own Cody & Zach arrived to take this home back from the mice that had claimed it as their own. When it gets cold outside, mice will always try to gain access to your home. They are like any other migratory animals, they like to stay warm!  These mice didn’t have to look too hard to find a way into this home as the gas line entering the home was almost large enough for a rat to get into!  The mice had direct access to this home as was evident in the video!

The snow was thawing, creating all sorts of muddy situations for the Mice Hunters team to work in, but that didn’t stop our mouse proofing work! This homeowner was finally mouse-free for the first time in over 4 years! After they had grown tired of laying out traps, they gave us a call and ended their suffering.  Take a look at the muddy situation we were in with this job.  Yeah, it was cold, wet and snowy, but we love a challenge!

If you are tired of the mice, rats or bats living in your home, give Mice Hunters us a call.  It will be the last time you have a rodent in your home!