Mice are very creative creatures and they’ll find any opening into your home and exploit it!  These mice found openings where it’s difficult to spot.  They went under the siding of this building and into the home, but they’re not fooling Mice Hunters at all!

When mice decide that your home is now theirs, they’ll do all they can to gain entry into your home. Take a look at the mouse proofing work we had to do with this home.

You dig that!?

First, we dug around the exterior of the home to expose all mouse entry points into this home.

All Hands on Deck!

2. Next we needed to remove portions of the deck in order to gain to access the exterior of the home underneath the deck.

Rodent Barrier Proofing Time!

3. Next we installed our rodent-proofing barrier around the perimeter of the home.

This home has received our 12 Month Rodent Free Guarantee included with our services! If you are experiencing rodents, mice, rats or bats in your home, give us a call today!