When mice are looking for a nice warm home, if you give them the opening, they’ll take it.  If you have mice in your home, they can attack in many ways.  Take a look at our inspection process that takes us from the top to the bottom of this Chicagoland home!

When we show up to mice proof a home, we leave no opening for the mice to re-enter your home.  We give a thorough home inspection for mice that cover all points from the roof to the foundation.  Our mouse proofing and rodent proofing technicians have seen almost everything.  Here’s a peek into their everyday world of rodent extermination.

In these photos, you can see our home rodent-proofing technicians, Cody and Zack, hard at work. The snow finally started to melt away after the Chicago snowstorms had finally subsided. Unfortunately, the cold weather pushes the mice to look for warm places to stay during the cold months. With that, our phones ring off the hook with calls from homeowners. If you have had a persistent mouse or rodent problem in your home, I’m sure that you know that the winter months tend to bring even more rodent droppings to places where you just don’t want them. Call us right away to rid your home of mice for good! This will be the last time you’ll ever have to worry about mice or rodents again!