Roofs are often built with only the desire to assure the homeowner that rain does not get into places it shouldn’t, however that’s not the case for animals.

We live in a world surrounded by animals who’ve managed to survive by staying safe. Bats are no different than humans in that they like your home just as much as you do. They look for warm, safe places to live and often make their way into your home through the roof.

Dormers are often a easy place for bats to access your attic. Builders, like the one in the video, often leave the door wide open for the bats to gain entry. This is the first place bats will go before they make their way into your actual living spaces. Often bats do not seek to gain access into your living spaces, but do so mostly by accident, as their food and water sources are outside.

If you suspect that you have bats living in your attic, their is only one safe way to remove mice. Because they are a protected animal, IT IS NOT OK TO KILL A BAT!

(What bats are protected in Illinois? All Illinois bats are protected under the Wildlife Code (520 ILCS 5/1.1). Bats may not be shot, trapped, transported, or held in confinement except when a bat is found in an area where they may have contact with humans or domestic pets. Bats are a protected species as their existence is threatened and with them playing a vital role in the ecological system, we must protect them!)

Bats must be treated with care. Mice Hunters does so through a strategy called bat exclusion. With bat exclusion, we place a device at the bat’s entry point. With this device, the bats are able to exit your home without the ability to regain access.

Bat excluders allow the bats to find a new home without the need to trap or exterminate them. With a bat excluder, we will install it and then return to remove it once the bats have left your home safely.