When Denise wanted to sell her home, those pesky mice became a much bigger problem than they ever were. Selling a home with a mice infestation problem makes for a difficult proposition! But Denise had a solution to her mouse problem.

Here’s what Denise had to say about Mice Hunters –

“Excellent job! I bought the deal for the initial mice inspection which included some bait treatment and spray disinfectant. Tee called right away and we set up a time that was convenient for me the following week. He came right on schedule and did a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of my home and showed me evidence of mice activity in my basement, identified where the mice were getting in and presented a proposal on how and where to seal up the house to avoid any future intrusion and keep them out for good. I scheduled his elimination and disinfectant service which was done 3 weeks later.


Mice Hunters’ two technicians arrived right on time and worked pretty much non-stop outside in very cold weather installing the metal barrier around the perimeter of our foundation, caulking openings and sealing up with mortar where needed around the stone and brick crevices. The second day they completed the job, sprayed the disinfectant and then did a walk-through with me showing me everything they had done to seal up my house. I was quite impressed with the quality of their work. It has been 2 weeks with cold weather and there is no evidence of mice activity anywhere in my basement. After years of having the problem, it really brings some peace of mind and I can now proceed with the basement finishing project I have planned. I received a one-year warranty so if anything should develop, I can just call and Mice Hunters will fix it. I would highly recommend Tee and Mice Hunters. Tee is very professional, very courteous and his team was the same. The cost was probably more than I was expecting, but seeing the finished product and the results so far, it was definitely worth it. – Denise M.

We love to hear of how happy our customers are with our mouse proofing solutions.  And we’re happy to hear that Denise was able to sell her home without the mice still living in it!  We do extend our 12-month Rodent Free Warranty, even to the new homeowner!