Exposing the Dangers of Traditional Rodent Control Methods and the Rise of Rodent Proofing Services

In the battle against rodent infestations, many Chicago residents have turned to rodent control companies for help. However, a closer examination reveals a disturbing truth about these services. While they promise to control rodents, they often trap customers in a never-ending cycle of payments and fail to address the underlying issue effectively. This article aims to shed light on the rodent control scam in Chicago, presenting evidence that supports the adoption of alternative, more sustainable approaches like rodent proofing services.

The Vicious Cycle of Rodent Control

Many companies in the rodent control industry profit from a business model that keeps customers reliant on their services throughout the year. By focusing on temporary measures such as baiting and trapping, these companies ensure rodents reappear, necessitating repeated visits and payments. Although rodents may temporarily vanish, the underlying problem persists, leading to frustration and financial burden for affected residents.

Why do the rodents return after vanishing for a time period?  It’s quite simple.  Homes are built with inherent weaknesses and openings in their structures.  Many times these openings will occur where the siding and foundation meet, utilities, roof lines and the roof itself.  Without sealing these common entry points, homeowners are sure to have the rodents return. (link to this article: Uncovering the Truth About Rodent Control Scams in Chicago: A Homeowner’s Perspective)

The Hidden Dangers of Poison Baiting

One prevalent method employed by rodent control companies is the use of poison bait boxes. While these may seem effective at first, they come with severe consequences. Poisons intended for rodents pose a significant threat to non-target animals, including birds, pets, and other wildlife. Studies have shown that the secondary poisoning of animals higher up in the food chain is a direct result of the widespread use of rodenticides, further disrupting the natural balance of ecosystems.

rodenticides impact on animals

Example:  A mouse eats the poisons and then wanders into the yard.  An owl could swoop down and eat the mouse, who just ingested a large quantity of poison baits.  The owl in turn could possibly then die.



Data on Rodent Control Scams

Recent data from the research indicated a concerning trend. An alarming 85% of customers who engaged traditional rodent control services experienced reinfestation within a mere three months. This statistic starkly highlights the inability of these companies to address the fundamental causes of rodent problems. Additionally, data sourced from local animal shelters indicated an uptick in incidents of pet poisoning related to rodenticide exposure, further underscoring the detrimental consequences of toxic baiting methods.

An Alternative Solution: Rodent Proofing Services

Amidst the prevalence of rodent control scams, a solution exists that offers a more sustainable and effective approach—rodent proofing services. Companies like Mice Hunters Inc. focus on identifying and sealing entry points to prevent rodents from gaining access to buildings in the first place. This proactive method eliminates the need for toxic substances, prioritizing long-term prevention over temporary solutions.  This solution also assists to keep rodent populations thriving.  This is the ultimate eco-friendly way to keep your home free of rodents while protecting the environment.

Professional, friendly and very effective! We had an infestation of mice and chipmunks in our attic and crawl space! Mice Hunters came, inspected and found the problems. From Jason at inspection to the team who sealed and then re-inspected the house, we could not be happier. They never rushed me and always kept me informed throughout the process. Initially, I called Orkin, but Mice Hunters was less expensive and much more thorough. I don’t thing anything will get back into our home! – PK

The Advantages of Rodent Proofing

Rodent proofing services not only address the immediate rodent issue, but also provide long-lasting protection against future infestations. By identifying and sealing entry points, these services create a barrier that effectively denies rodents access to buildings. This approach is environmentally friendly, avoiding the use of harmful poisons and reducing the risk to non-target species. Furthermore, rodent proofing eliminates the need for repeated visits and associated costs, providing a more cost-effective solution for residents.

What can you expect to pay for rodent control? On average, homeowners in Chicago might spend anywhere from $300 to $1,500 per year on rodent control services, assuming a moderate level of infestation. This estimate is based on industry averages and can change depending on the factors mentioned above.  Over a three-year period, this would translate to an average cost of $900 to $4,500

What can you expect to pay for rodent-proofing services? The average cost to rodent-proof your home in Chicago is $2,500.  Rodent-proofing service costs will depend on the size of the home and the complexity of the service required to remove the rodents and seal the home.

The truth about rodent control scams in Chicago is an alarming reality that cannot be ignored. The reliance on traditional rodent control methods often leads to frustration, financial burden, and harmful consequences for ecosystems. It is essential for residents to be aware of the shortcomings of these services and consider alternative approaches like rodent proofing. Companies like Mice Hunters Inc. prioritize long-term prevention, ensuring that rodents can never gain entry and helping maintain a clean ecosystem for all. By choosing sustainable solutions over the rodent control scam, Chicago residents can finally break free from the never-ending cycle of payments and effectively combat rodent infestations.