Do you need to replace insulation after mice infestation?

Yes, in most cases, it’s recommended to replace insulation that has been infested by mice.

This is because mice can carry harmful bacteria and viruses that can contaminate the insulation and pose health risks to humans. Moreover, mice can damage insulation by chewing on it, which can compromise its effectiveness and energy efficiency. Therefore, if you suspect that your insulation has been infested by mice, it’s best to have it inspected and replaced by a professional insulation contractor.

mouse poop feces

Mice infestations will leave insulation contaminated and can create a living environment unfit for human living.

Here are some additional tips to prevent mice infestation and preserve your insulation:

  1. Seal all gaps, cracks, and holes in your home’s exterior to prevent mice from entering.
  2. Keep your home clean and free of food debris, which can attract mice.
  3. Store food in airtight containers, and dispose of garbage regularly.
  4. Use mouse traps or baits to capture or repel mice.
  5. Inspect your insulation regularly and look for signs of damage or infestation, such as droppings, nests, or chew marks.