When it comes to mouse dropping cleanup, you never want to cut any corners as mice droppings are known to be hazardous to your home and family.  So, if you have or have had mice, you’ll want to call a professional mouse dropping cleanup and pest control company, like Mice Hunters, that will cleanup the entire mess from top to bottom without skipping any steps.

Mice and rodents can carry many infectious diseases, so it’s crucial that any dead rodents, rodent nests, rat droppings or mouse poop are cleaned up and disposed of properly. Mouse or rat infestation cleanup can stir up these rodent droppings and should only be done while wearing protective gear and using a disinfectant formula, like Sporicidin.

What is the process to clean up a rodent infestation & droppings?

  1. Rodent proof and seal the home before any clean-out work is done.
  2. Return after the rodent proofing after a minimum of two weeks following the rodent proofing and seal work is complete to begin the rodent infestation cleanout.
  3. Clean out the basement, crawlspace areas, and above the top of ceiling tiles if applicable.  We utilize proper protective gear, HEPA filters on the vacuums and wear the proper mask.  This assures that our employees and the occupants of the home are safe from rodent droppings and dust.
  4. Remove insulation contaminated by the rodents.
  5. Sanitize and disinfect all the areas utilizing CDC-recommended sanitizers before reinstalling new insulation.
  6. Install new insulation.

Our rodent cleanup service provides up to a 95% decontamination rate when dealing with mice droppings as there are certain areas that we cannot get to.

What are the Dangers of a Rodent Infestation?

Why is it so important to be careful during the clean-up of a rodent infestation? Rodent-born infections have been responsible for at least 10 million fatalities since the dawn of the 20th century. Remember that rodent-borne diseases threatened all of humanity during the Black Death plague of the late Middle Ages. That plague, spread by fleas on rats, caused 200 million deaths in Europe alone.

Even today, rodents carry various diseases that are infectious to humans, including:

  • Hantavirus: Originating from deer mice; causes flu symptoms and problems in the kidneys and lungs.
  • Lyme disease: Spread by rodent ticks; symptoms include fevers and skin lesions.
  • Salmonella: Borne from rodent excrement; affects the digestive system and is known to ruin 20 percent of the world’s annual food supply.
  • Typhus: Spread by portside rodents and transmitted through flea bites; has been known to cause fever, rash and lung problems.

There’s nothing worse than opening your cupboard and realizing that a mouse has eaten its way into your bread or when you open your silverware drawer to mouse droppings!  If this is the case, give Mice Hunters a call now for our mouse poop cleanup service and get rid of the rodent infestation now and forever!

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