These mice were some tricky little critters!  That’s putting it lightly!  This home was never going to get rid of these mice by simply putting down traps or baits because there was an open door into this Chicago home that only the best mice exterminators could ever find!

Sometimes we pat ourselves on the back after a good mouse proofing job like this one!  This woman had lived with the horror of mice for many years in her Chicago home.  These mice were determined to gain access into her home and there was nothing that could have stopped them, except for Mice Hunters.  These mice dug under the cement walk-way and then were able to gain access through this avenue.  Here’s what we did to put an end to these mice living in this home.

  1.  We laid baits and then after a period of 2 weeks, we returned to professionally rodent proof the home.
  2.  We cut the sidewalk in the back of the home where the mice had dug under.
  3.  Once we removed the sidewalk portion that was allowing entry into the home, we then dug down around the foundation of the home.
  4.  We then sealed the home all around the home.
  5.  Once the home was sealed we moved the earth back into place where this homeowner is going to make a garden.
  6.  We did not plant a garden, but have 100% ridded this home of mice!
  7.  Gave this Chicago homeowner a 12 Month Rodent Free Guarantee!

Extreme Rodent Proofing in Chicago

This Chicago home is now 100% mouse proof as a result of this mice barrier installation. We put in a lot of work on this house to make it free of mice. If you are simply putting mouse traps around your home, you will never be able to rid your home of mice. This is an extreme scenario where the mice had burrowed under the cement and then gained access to the home. Most situations are not this extreme, but we will always take every measure needed to secure your home from mice!

We treat your home like ours!