There’s never a week that goes by that we don’t get this question.  Does peppermint oil for mice really work?  There’s a long version and a short version to this question.

Mice are creatures that have lived on this earth for a long time.  Despite man’s attempts to rid ourselves of these unwanted creatures from our homes, they just keep coming back.  The funny part about this is that when a mouse is in your home, they are not going to leave unless you absolutely shut the door on them!  There is not any validity to the claim that mice will leave your home if you use peppermint oil for mice! They just aren’t going to leave!  We go to people’s homes every week where they have attempted to use all sorts of silly things to make them leave.

Peppermint Oil For Mice - Does it Work? NO!

There are many companies on Google that are selling peppermint oil for mice, but the truth is that it simply does not work to rid your home of mice!  Even in this photo, there is the question raised… Does Irish Spring Soap Repel Mice?  No! Irish Soap does not repel mice! Not even the strongest peppermint oil for mice will work!

Why does peppermint oil not work to repel mice?

Peppermint oil is an essential oil and much like a perfume that you’d use on your body, after some time, the effectiveness of the oil wears off as the oils and chemicals inside of the peppermint spray breaks down. Mice will simply avoid it, but it will not deter them from accessing your home. Wherever there’s warmth and food, they’ll be there. They’ll just avoid the areas you have sprayed. There are more places in your home that you could never access that mice will find to live in than you could ever imagine.  Not even the strongest peppermint oil for mice will work.  There’s not one on the market that you could buy to rid your home of mice!

In this video, you will see that peppermint oil for mice will work, however, once the peppermint oil smell erodes, the mice will be sure to return.  Also, the practicality of placing mint oil all around your home becomes silly to even consider.  What this video does not do is test the peppermint oil for mice effectiveness over time and you will see a link in the video’s description to Amazon where the video reviewer will make a commission.  With the video having 1.8 million views. we’re sure that they’ve made some good money.  In fact, the video reviewer wants their test to work.

Why are people trying to get you to buy peppermint oil for mice when it doesn’t work?

There are too many essential oil snake salesmen out there that will try to sell you anything and everything, so do not buy peppermint oil for mice.  When you do see an article that tells you that peppermint oil for mice works, they will then create a link to a product on Amazon that is their affiliate link.  When you click on that link and then buy the peppermint oil, they earn a commission.  Here’s what to look for…

peppermint oil for mice on Amazon

When you click a link like this, the person that wrote the blog earns a commission. West Point Military Academy has a little credo that we at Mice Hunters live by as well, “We will not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those that do.” This is why we are exposing the peppermint oil for mice lie!

If Peppermint Oil for Mice Does Not Work, then What?

There’s only one real way to get rid of mice in your home. Mice are no different than a burglar in your home. If you leave the front door open, they’ll get in. Unfortunately, your home has many openings that are large enough for the common mouse to enter through. Mice only need an opening the size of a dime to enter your home. As your home ages, it will begin to settle and move and with it, your home will provide these openings. Often it’s just way too obvious to us as to how the mice get in your home. Electric, cable and gas lines running into your home are often easy routes for mice to gain access to your home.  Sometimes, mice create a hole in your home and it’s actually not obvious at all.  The problem with the big box rodent control companies is that they don’t look for these uncommon routes that a mouse will take to enter your home, nor will they find them or seal them out.  It’s always the ones you cannot see that lead most of our customers to call us.  The common phone call will go a little something like this, “I’ve tried peppermint oil, mothballs, sonic rodent repellers, a Big Box Unnamed Rodent Control Company and nothing has worked, that’s why I’m calling you! There’s only one real way to get rid of mice, by mouse-proofing the entire exterior of your home!

How to get rid of mice in your home

  1. Lay down baits for mice
  2. Mouse-proof your home

It seems pretty simple, and we’d like to say it is, however not everyone actually has the knowledge to mouse proof their own home or access to a company that can do it. The bottom line is that there are not many companies that actually can mouse-proof your home. Many companies, like Orkin or Terminex, will simply lay down mouse poison and place steel wool in areas. We’ve even seen another “pest control company” put duck tape on the roof where the mice were getting in! That was a really funny one! We were there to actually fix the mouse problem they had! We do have the photos to prove it!  Steel wool and duck tape will not stop the mice from getting into your home!

Duck tape used to stop mice from entering a roof!

Jason, from Mice Hunters, was at the home where mice were still present despite another company that had been there to “take care of the mice problem”. Jason inspected the roof of the home and found duck tape covering one of the holes where mice had been entering. We were able to stop the mice from entering this home by mouse proofing it. This being an older home, is more susceptible to openings for mice to enter as the home continues to settle and shift through the years. Jason has over 15 years of homebuilding and construction knowledge to be able to spot weaknesses in homes, like this one, and devise a strategy to eliminate any and all openings for mice to enter a home.

How do I mouse-proof my home?

There are many DIY Mouse Proofing videos out there and we encourage you to see for yourself. We’ve been mouse-proofing homes for nearly 20 years now and there is no situation that we have not seen where the homeowner had hired a pest control company or tried to mouse-proof their home on their own. To mouse-proof your home, it often requires extensive knowledge of home-building techniques and engineering.
If you have this experience, the tools, ladders, chemicals, time and knowledge you may be able to mouse-proof your home.

Call a mouse-proofing and mice extermination professional!

    • We are home mice-proofing professionals and know all of the weaknesses in a home and where mice will attempt to make their way in.
    • We give you a 24 Month Rodent-Free Guarantee

If a rodent exterminator cannot give you a 12-month rodent-free guarantee, they do not believe in their own work. We do!

If you are living in the Chicagoland area and need a reliable rodent or mouse exterminator, give us a call. If you are not in the Chicagoland area, give us a call and we will refer you to a company that we trust!

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