Every once in a while we run into some interesting finds when we start inspecting a home for mouse proofing. This is the case with this older home in Evanston, IL. What we found was a clear path for the mice to enter this home!

As we arrived on the scene, we thought this was going to be a straightforward mice removal and proofing job, however, things got ugly fast! Jason removed the front porch boards to start inspecting what the front area would need in order to assure that mice would be sealed out. This is where this house revealed a few hidden treasures… not the kind that we really like; more like a bad surprise.

We found three faulty items on this home.

There was a crack in the foundation.

crack in foundation for mice

An old entrance for what would have been a crawl space door.

It was obvious why they had mice getting into their home. This old door was allowing the mice free entry. Many times it’s tough to see where the mice are getting in, but it was fairly easy this time.
door for mice

The bricks were beginning to fall with the only thing holding the bricks up was the frame of the window!

bricks falling

Whenever we see something like this in a mouse removal inspection, we alert the homeowners first so that they can get this fixed before we can even begin our work. In this instance, the homeowner was lucky enough to have us there to spot the monster lurking beneath their feet. At any moment the whole front of the home could have collapsed! Mice Hunters has many years of experience in the home construction industry that allows us to spot problems as this home had.

Once this customer gets this fixed, it will be on to the next step, mouse removal and proofing this home.