When it comes to rats, 99% of people have nightmares and the Chicago residents living in this home were no different when it was invaded by Norway rats. The country, Norway, maybe nice, but these rats are NOT!

These Norway rats decided that once the weather turned cold, they needed to find a warm home, so they did.  They chewed their way into this nice home, causing holes to be made into the rear part of the home where the water and power entered the home.  The rat’s entry holes were large enough to allow the cold “Chibera” weather (Chicago’s Cold Weather), to enter the home and then cause the water lines to freeze.

Now this homeowner had two immediate problems.  Since we’re not plumbers (if you know a good Chicago plumber, leave them in the comments below), we could only assist with the rodent and rat proofing portion of his problem.  We will be returning to this customer’s home once the ground has thawed to dig deeper into this issue to continue to protect this owner’s home!

Rat Proofing a Multi Unit Property in Chicago

Take a look at before and after the rat proofing!

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