Rats and other animals love to live in a nice dry place and will often seek refuge under your shed or deck.  We get into “How to Rat Proof a Shed” in this quick video along with instructions below!

In this video, we show you what we did to keep rats out from under the deck and the final result.

Although this video does not go into a deep dive into all the details, you can see how we did this utilizing the following:


Rat Proofing | What you’ll need and simple instructions to Rat Proof your shed:

  1. A team of 2 to dig a trench around a shed or deck – It’s tough work!
  2. 1/2″ mice proof wire mesh & 1/4″ galvanized rat proof wire mesh tethered together by zip ties.
  3. Shovels to Dig down 12″ and clear space for the wire mesh installation. We prefer the “Root Slayer
  4. Install the wire mesh and attached to the shed using Tapcom Screws (Hex head) and  1/4″ x 1″ washers.
  5. Place the dirt back into the trench, once the mesh is installed.

This will give you everything you need to know how to make a shed rat proof!  However, should you have questions, please comment below!

Rat Proofing a Shed Photos

how to make a shed rat proof

We dug down 12″ inches all around this shed and installed the wire mesh with screws and washers. When attaching the rodent proofing mesh to concrete, we use Tapcom concrete screws and washers.


how to build a rat proof shed

Mice Hunters uses a combination of 1/2″ inch wire mesh and 1/4″ wire mesh that will keep out rats, other animals and mice. Rats will eat through 1/4″ inch mesh, however they will not chew through the 1/2″ inch mesh. The 1/4″ mesh is needed to keep mice out from under this shed.

how to rat proof a shed

With the rat-proofing completed and the rat-proofing mesh installed, we then place the dirt back.

Rat Proofing Review

Here’s what the owner of this shed had to say about Mice Hunters on Google Reviews two months after this job was completed:

I used this service because I had rats living under my shed in the backyard. This company was professional and handled my problem first-rate. They came out to assess the situation. Told me what was going to be done and they did it. I’ve seen where the rats tried to get back under my shed and weren’t able to. I highly recommend them and will use them again if I need to.” – Sherry G.

Link to this Google review:

If you are in the Chicagoland area and have rats living under your shed or deck and would like to rat proof your home, shed or deck and rid of them for good, call or visit our website!