Let’s face it, CATS SUCK at keeping mice away. Go on the job with us in our latest edition of “Mice Hunters – On the Job” in this home mouse proofing job where we’ve found further solid proof that cats are terrible at getting rid of mice in your home!

Jason eliminates the possibility of any mice being able to enter this home with his extensive knowledge of home construction and mouse proofing strategies. During the mouse proofing job, Zach and Cody arrive to assist Jason and finish off the job with Jason. During this mouse proofing, we encounter two cats, who wished to remain anonymous, that could never quite get rid of the mice in this home.

Zach completes the job by sanitizing the basement areas where the mice had infiltrated the home.
A week later the crew returned to remove the basement ceiling tiles where loads of mice poop had been accumulating! GROSS!

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