Jason came out the same day and inspected the roof, basement and house perimeter after I heard animal scratching noises coming from my roof/attic. I wasn’t sure if it could be a rodent or birds, but had heard a noise over multiple days in the past week and didn’t want to wait because I have heard how much damage can quickly occur. Fortunately, he found no evidence of current infestation; he answered my many questions very patiently and with a good attitude, and he walked me through some extra steps I could take to prevent future rodent access around my garage door, electrical boxes, etc…I was very relieved to find no current issues or damage and would not have wanted to crawl up into the attic alone to check for animals, and wouldn’t know what to look for. It was $20 very well spent for the peace of mind alone, as well as for the added safety of climbing a ladder into the attic. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to have them come out the same day that I called, and I would both call their company again in the future with any concerns, and would gladly recommend Jason and Mice Hunters to others based on my experience with them today.